Escalators to Hell: Shopping Mall Horrors

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Escalators to Hell: Shopping Mall Horrors is a collection of neo-gothic tales, nostalgic yarns, capitalist monstrosities, and one stop shopping gone very wrong (or a little too right!). Featuring 22 stories by established and new horror writers from around the world examining the dark side of malls, including: Connor Boyle, Liam Burke, Pines Callahan, Anjum N. Choudhury, Wendy Dalrymple, Cassandra Daucus, Jude Deluca, Coyote Victoria Dembicki, Derek Des Anges, Cyrus Amelia Fisher, Lor Gislason, Eirik Gumeny, Ria Hill, Rick Hollon, Somto Ihezue, Wan Phing Lim, Angela Liu, Avra Margariti, J.A.W. McCarthy, Christi Nogle, Jennifer Lee Rossman, and J.R. Santos.

Edited by Jennifer Jeanne McArdle and Michael W. Phillips Jr.
Cover art by Jessica Checkeroski.

“The perfect anthology for those interested in themes of connection between spaces, memories, and the ways in which they warp and complicate.”
—Ai Jiang, Nebula finalist and author of Linghun and I Am AI 

…a vertiginous, genre-spanning shop of horrors with shocks and dark delights around every corner.”
—Gareth Jelley, Editor of INTERZONE & IZ Digital

“…a steadily automated descent into Cinnabon-scented madness.”
—Cat Voleur, author of Revenge Arc

This is a pre-order! The book will release in mid-February.

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