Xanax Hamster June 2024


Xanax Hamster vol. 1, no. 1: This Is a Horror Zine. Seriously. is your new home for horror flash fiction trunk stories: horror shorties that have been rejected a lot but just needed to find the right home. It turns out, Xanax Hamster is that home. The inaugural issue of this biannual zine is 28 terror-filled pages long, hand-assembled by co-editor Mike Phillips in his basement. Only 100 copies are being printed, so get yours today!

Edited by Ende Mac and Michael W. Phillips Jr.
Cover art by Bonnie Hockin

“By the Hour” by D. Marmara (first pro-rate sale!) – about the best cleaner in the business
“Unsung” by Tehnuka – about a woman who can unsing tragedy
“Your Best Self, Forever” by Sasha Brown – about showing the world just how very, very happy you were
“Bubblegum Jack” by Timaeus Bloom – about pop culture obsessed space worms bent on world domination
“Runa Lifts Her Veil” by Die Booth – about grief on the edge of forever
“Permutations Black and Orange” by Amelia Gorman – about you, a lady, and a beast
“Scrumpty Dumpty” by Phillip E. Dixon – about humpty being put back together again
“If These Floorboards Could Talk” by Ryan Cole – about a house that could not protect its inhabitants

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THIS IS A PRE-ORDER! The zine will be ready to ship on June 18, 2024.

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