Fettered and Other Tales of Terror by Greye La Spina


Although she’s mostly forgotten now, in the heyday of the pulps, Greye La Spina was more successful than H.P. Lovecraft, with more than one hundred stories and serial novels published in magazines such as Weird Tales and The Thrill Book. Her reputation is on the rise, though, with her inclusion in several anthologies released in celebration of the 100th anniversary of Weird Tales. This volume is the single largest collection devoted to this unjustly neglected queen of pulp horror, containing three short stories, a novella, and a serial novel published in her first decade as a writer. 

“In this essential collection of lurid stories by the legendary Weird Tales author Greye La Spina, you will find mad scientists, ravenous vampiresses, werewolves, grave robbers, magi, elaborately coded messages—really, you’ll find just about everything except a hint of restraint. They’re marvelous.” —Molly Tanzer, author of Vermilion and Creatures of Will and Temper

“Glowing red eyes, weird howls, bloodlust and ill-fated love await in this fantastic collection. Greye La Spina’s got the weird tale in a death grip. Atmosphere and dread hover like a heavy fog, and at each story’s end, she shines a brilliant and unflinching light on the uncanny. Of all the Weird Tales content out there waiting to be reprinted, this is one author I’m glad is being highlighted. I knew nothing of her until now, and the content online about her is surprisingly scant. If you’re a fan of Weird Tales, or want to learn more, look no further.” —Lauren Bolger, author of Kill Radio

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